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Sophie Sherwin here

Welcome to the creative world of Sophfree, a passionate creative writer and life mentor with a twist!

My mission is to get women to live more authentically with freedom through self awareness, creativity and intent. My passion is to inspire and mentor women who have lost their way due to commitments, societal expectations and inner stories. For them to rise up like a Phoenix...strong, individual, brave and confident to thrive through this next chapter of their lives.

My personal accomplishment is of course to keep creating through many mediums in order to reach and inspire the masses.

What's on the plate...

My Book Shelf

Reading has always been so important to me, not only for my self development but it also features in helping my my creative process (oh and it is great for keeping my brain healthy!). I think we are so lucky now to have so many different ways we can read or take in information, so there is no excuse! I want to encourage people to start or keep reading even if it is a page a day. Below are some of my book recommendations.
Click on the books and see where it takes you...
book cover - samantha_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

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