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About Me,  Sophie

Imagine living life in awe and wonderment and appreciate the magic and gifts of everyday, well you can!

I am very fortunate to have experienced many moments and adventures, both big and small. I am on a continuous journey of learning not only about myself, the world around me but also what is beyond.

I have won but also failed, however, the one part of me I am most proud of is my resilience and always staying true to my values and who I am. Authenticity is how I roll but living in that truth can be challenging at times, so I get why people end up people pleasing, conforming or being a chameleon.

I want to teach you how to stay in your truth and dare to be you no matter what. To up your inner power and self awareness as that is where the magic happens.

Creativity is the key to unlocking and getting to know your essence and I encourage you to check in with it everyday.

My lifestyle is all about working with what is already within, the hero within us, using it to create the lives we can't get enough of and jump out of bed excited everyday.

I have always have and always will put authenticity first. It is what is my whole being is about but sometimes it is tricky to find the authenticity through all the noise...but you can. I can also guide you to ensure you are living in your authenticity and along with that is a great feeling of calm.

Freedom, adventure, a sense of wellbeing, abundance, love, authenticity and longevity is what we all strive let's go!


If you are interested in working with me 1:1, I offer bespoke packages. 

Press the button to email me.

Life's a journey—let's toast to the whine-worthy moments together!

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Whine with Sophie 5.0 isn't just a blog—it's a vivid tapestry of relatable experiences that mirrors your own journey. With each post, you'll find yourself nodding along, chuckling knowingly, and occasionally shedding a tear. Let Sophie's life remind you that it's never too late to start anew and embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead.Are you ready to uncork the laughter, tears, and triumphs? Join Sophie as she navigates life's unexpected twists and turns in a way that's uniquely her own. Subscribe to "Whine with Sophie 5.0" and relish the joy of starting over, one story at a time

5 Quickfire facts about me

  • My top loves and loathes of food begin with the letter 'C'.                    I love Cheese, Chocolate and Cake and I loathe Coriander, Curry and Celery

  • I am pretty goofy and some say I am funny

  • One of my biggest struggles has always been my body and weight

  • I am hypersensitive to smells, noise, taste and visual stimuli

  • My mum is always around me and I talk to her everyday (even though she passed away)

  • Okay...bonus...I am very intuitive

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