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My Projects

My Projects

Aside from Label with a Cause and mentoring, my creativity has become more focused and visible in the last few years. My first book 'There's Always a Hitch' came out of the blue for me to write.

My mum left me with a box of memorabilia, scrapbooks and diaries from her days travelling and living in Canada and the US when she was a teenager. I loved her story and felt it had to be told. However, me being me, did not want to just write a book, I wanted to live and experience it, so I took off to Canada and the US and visit all the places she visited. The book tells my travel memoirs and interspersed are mums diaries. The book is a heart warming, funny easy read. 

Not only did I feel I wanted to write mums story, I also wanted to inspire people to F**ck fear and live life and adventures. So, I also have written two more simple books which offer tips, tricks and life hacks in order for people to have more freedom, authenticity and self awareness.

This has led me on to writing screenplays which I am LOVING.

If you are interested in buying or finding more about any of what is published please click on the image. 

Alternatively of course you can get in touch with me.

Bloody Knickers Short
Genre: Drama


Two women desperate for children live their life by the calendar, with their bodies playing roulette with their emotions. Can they accept what fate has for them?

bloody Knickers.png

Genre: Dramedy


After rediscovering her late mother’s travel diary, a failing life-coach abandons her current life to recreate the same road-trip, sixty years later, with her mother’s memories guiding her path. Two stories told, both are trying to escape life, but they learn it has a habit of coming with you.

Instant Life Lift


In a fast-paced world filled with challenges and stressors, finding immediate ways to enhance our well-being and experience greater fulfilment is crucial. "Instant Life Lift" is a transformative ebook designed to provide readers with a powerful toolkit of actionable strategies to uplift their lives in an instant.

This ebook taps into the essence of human emotions, psychology, and practical wisdom to offer a comprehensive guide for achieving instant positive changes. Drawing from a range of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, and personal development, this book presents a unique blend of insights and techniques that can be readily incorporated into daily routines

Instant Life Lift cover (Facebook Post (Landscape))(1).png

There's Always a Hitch

There's Always a Hitch Book

Have you ever found yourself on a path that you have no control over, but you know in your heart that it is your destiny?


There’s Always a Hitch is a comedy memoir about Sophie, a single and broke entrepreneur who is failing miserably at her new business. She decides to re-connect with her mum who passed away 11 years ago by following in her footsteps.


Traveling alone, with only her mum’s scrapbook of memorabilia, photos, postcards and diary to guide her, Sophie visits all the same places her mum backpacked and hitchhiked through back in 1958. She soon realises her financial situation does not stretch to the luxury five star smooth travel that she is accustomed, but more like one star, with a run of disasters…


8,500 miles, ten cities, five states, three countries, eleven weeks, over 100 lbs of luggage, tears, blood, giggles, and an extra dress size later, she makes it! Interspersed with Sophie’s laugh out loud memoires are her mother’s words, photos and memorabilia, creating an inspirational, heart-warming, humorous journey of bravery, drama, resilience, vulnerability, magic, travel, friendship and transformation.

Untitled design(12).png

Genre: Drama, comedy with LGBTQ love story


Two sisters with picture perfect lives challenge themselves to run a marathon but are given some devastating news which changes their lives forever. However, not all is as it seems and they find themselves having to start all over again with nothing, can they thrive and not just survive?


In a world dominated by conformity, this book is a breath of fresh air for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike. Discover how embracing authenticity and innovation can lead you to unparalleled achievements.

Step into the world of authentic entrepreneurship and rewrite the rules of success. Embrace your uniqueness, unleash innovation, and become a trailblazing entrepreneur. Discover the power of authenticity and witness your business thrive like never before. Grab your copy now and embrace authentic entrepreneurship!

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