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I can offer Copy Writing, Travel, Admin and Content Creation

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Just imagine waking up with a start knowing you have to complete a presentation in a couple

                                                               of days.

        How do you feel?

  • Dread?

  • Rushed

  • Panicked

  • like a deer in a headlights?

If any of those resonate then I can help!

Again...Imagine the same scenario BUT you are waking up slowly knowing that the presentation is in a couple of days but it is all in hand. You have requested my help so you know a great presentation will be on your desk later that day. All you need to do is to figure out what you can do in those couple of hours you would have spent on creating the presentation.

How does that make you feel now?

  • Calm

  • Happy

  • Successful

  • Content

  • Relieved

Hiring my services can not be simpler, drop me an email or text and we can set up a call to discuss what you need. Or we can brainstorm together on what you need.



Admin Tasks

  • Document Formatting

  • Proof Reading

  • Diary Management

  • Invitation management

  • Event planning

  • Other Admin tasks

  • Inbox management


Copy writing / Proof Reading

  • Copy for social media

  • Copy for websites

  • Proof Reading blogs

  • Proof Reading Copy

  • Proof Reading Documents



  • Booking flights

  • Booking hotels

  • Booking restaurants

  • Booking tours

  • Checking Covid restrictions

  • Help with Visa's


Content Creation

  • Simple photo editing

  • Social media posts

  • Brainstorm ideas for your business

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